Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Edition # 8 (I think)

This is my list of thirteen Books I solemnly swear to read this year.
And, by all means, if you've read any of them I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion.

1. God's Ultimate Passion by Frank Viola (This one's looking very good even though I've only read the first chapter. Can't wait to review it.)

2. Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis (one of my favorite Inklings).

3. Perelandra by C.S. Lewis (part II of the trilogy)

4. That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis (part III of the trilogy)

5. Eragon: Inheritance by Christoph Paolin (I wonder if the book is better than the movie?)

6. Eragon: Eldest by Christoph Paolin

7. Shadowmancer by G.P. Taylor (Can't wait to read this one.)

8. The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis (It's my goal to finish off the Chronicles before the next movie comes along.)

9. Holes by Louis Sachar (The movie was cute . . . heard that the book was better.)

10. The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

11. The Horse And His Boy by C.S. Lewis

12. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas (This one was recommended by either Spidey or Missy College Girl . . . both read about 3 books a month. Yipes!!)

13. The Lion Boy Trilogy by Zizou Corder (This might bring the number of books to be read over the limit . . . it's all good.)

Let me know how many books you're reading this year and if you reach that goal.

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MissMeliss said...

Excellent list of books - I loved the Narnia series, myself. (Also, you should check out the t13 on my Other blog -, it's all about books. )

Thanks for visiting.

Crystal said...

Great list. I haven't read any of those, but I plan to read some of them. :)

GP Taylor said...

Thanks for putting my book on your list - see comment on next article.

GP Taylor

3M said...

Great list--anything by CS Lewis is great!

Thanks for stopping by!

Heidi said...

Fabulous list. I absolutly love the Cosmic trilogy (Out of the silent plant, Perelandra, and That hideous strength) by C.S. Lewis. I really hope you enjoy them. C.S Lewis is one of my favorite writers. Till we have faces is another one of his must read books.

My 2nd TT is up, take a look

Kathy said...

I read the CS Lewis sci-fi series years's concepts were lost on me. Sorry :(
I also read the Chronicles of Narnia waaaay baaack in the daaaay...great series, lots of metaphors! I should read it again with my kids...they loved the movie!

Sir Jorge said...

My favorite of the Chronicles is definitely the Silver CHair.

Sarah said...

Great list of books, I've read most of them. The Narnia books are great, well worth reading. I have to say I didn't get on so well with the sci-fi trilogy.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

The GateKeeper said...

Yeah, I'm trying to love The Silent Planet but it hasn't been my favorite. I've decided to slow down and read it and am trying to use my senses . . . does that make sense?

Terrific Teens said...

I love the book "holes" son and I read it together for one of his school assignments. And "the count of Monte Cristo was a great movie. I bet the book would be even better. Thanks for visiting my blog!