Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The WWII Piece Of Me

Blogging has been a very helpful, useful and friendly tool for me to gather my research (and thoughts) together. As I'm trying to interview both Mom and Dad to get those WWII stories out I've gotten quite a lot of support from my blogging pals. You are a blessing, indeed.

I've moved mom to her own blog called If Mom Had A Blog In 1942. The posts are almost written while she's speaking to me. Like I've said before, the dates are a little fuzzy but as I do more research I see that she's correct most of the time--dates like when the invasion happened and so forth.

Eventually I will send quiry letters out to publishers to have this story of faith, courage and hope available to the public. That is my prayer. In the meantime I would just like to get it published on LuLu so that our family will not forget where we came from. Thanks for stopping by.


Matthew Carver said...

Hey, It old Redneck. My mother has the news paper that our local town put out the day WWII was over. I'll send you a picture of it if you want. I would be glad to help you on your interveiw. I have a question for ya. How do you not know what a Redneck is and have NASCAR as an intrest? HA HA I would say a redneck is someone that is who they are. Not carring what others think about them. In my case I care what God thinks about me not man. In my case I am a person from the Moutians of western North Carolina. I won't fit mosts mold for a preacher and don't want to. I want to fit Gods mold for a preacher. Just let me know how I can help.

The GateKeeper said...

Ok, Mr. Redneck, I see this is going to be fun!! I would love a picture of that newspaper, btw. Oh, and you see, I kinda know where a redneck "comes from," or "looks like" I just didn't know the official meaning. Haha.