Wednesday, January 10, 2007

15,000 Years Of Fame

Let's have some fun and get our 15 minutes of fame--or as they promise at ZOOOF, The Family Network, your 15,000 years of fame. Here's the scoop.

It's that "six degrees of separation" theory that everyone is so fascinated with, but ZOOOF, however, is fascinated by the real degrees. How are we really connected by family ties both in the past and present? One can invite family members to build an interactive flash family tree. Watching it grow can be very rewarding. There are modules so all family members can share stories, pictures and who knows, a few family secrets. ZOOOF is interested in uniting all family members around the world. Something I've been trying to do for years.

Log your personal history and get your 15,000 years of fame. Here's the latests news at ZOOOF. They are still in the beta stage with users in about 49 countries. February 14th is the end of that stage and then the site will be open for everybody FREE. You can sign up now by emailing to receive your personal invitation link. Have fun and get famous, so to speak.

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