Monday, January 08, 2007

The Trading Post

Trading: an old profession, indeed. Most desired would be some wisdom and skill about monetary things. Both of which, I dare say, the Gatekeeper lacks just a tad bit. But I was directed today to one who seemed to have wisdom, skill, class and, mind you, a little bit of adventure. Most attractive.

One can follow the journey of this trader at his Stock Market Blog, which offers not only his thoughts but his path towards $1,000,000. He has already doubled (well, almost) the amount he started with.

Now, anyone who mentions my beloved SeaHawks in a good light deserves my attention. At first thought one might thing that a Stock Market Blog would not be so interesting. Not the case here. This blog will surely perk your interest, it is rather fun to read, as you are wisely pointed and drawn into the traders' world through, yes of course, this young trader's wisdom, skill and his wit of making it all fun. Take a gander, won't you?

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