Saturday, January 06, 2007

The South Paz Gang

Our writers group has met, once a month, for close to 20 years now. Our success is revealed in an article written at Associated Content by . . . oh, that would be me. They're still processing payment so I'll have a link up in a few days, I hope. In the meantime we invite you to be a fly on the wall and listen to the happenings of the South Paz Gang. They'll probably make me change the name.

Happy New Year Critique Minutes

As the sun came up, whirling winds blew across the foothills.
The San Gabriel mountains stood like dark giants against the crystal blue sky.
Not far away, a home nestled among the trees, clung to the earth.
There was light inside. So much, that it overflowed the windows and invaded the morning shadows—as five writers struggled toward Jane’s front door—heads to the wind.

Present (In order of appearance)

Jane Rumph
Pat Stockett Johnston
Sharon P.
Marilyn R. Woody
Sharon AUTHORIZE ME Norris Elliott


Everybody else

Happy New Year Everyone! The meeting started off with a lot of chit chat and most of us trying to straighten our wind-blown hair. We opened the meeting in prayer. A few minutes later the front door whipped open and low and behold it was Sharon E. in a thick coat and scarf along with a stack of manuscripts (more on that later) and a power book. Hello Sharon! After greetings all around, we proceeded to the first order of the day. The topic of editing.

Pat is taking an on-line writing class with Cecil B. Murphy. She brought her edited manuscripts. We learned a lot from perusing through the edits. Sharon E. then opened her power book and showed us how to edit manuscripts using Word. It’s simple! Just bring up a word document. Then, just click on view and pull down the menu. Choose/highlight toolbars and you will see another menu. Then choose/highlight the word reviewing. Next, look at the top of your screen. You will see some new icons that you’ve never seen before. Click on them and see what they do. Practice makes perfect!

Next, Pat left early to get a new head shot picture taken. (“I have new glasses now!”) and Sharon E. distributed “Chapter Two” for our editing enjoyment. (2 hours of enjoyment) As we edited “Chapter Two” we discovered what the Bible means when it talks about the “Armor of God”. Sharon E. tells us that this armor can fit the female shape! Sharon’s chapter also brought up discussions on the difference between religious tolerance vs. acceptance, racial prejudices, and how to fit into your bra better.

Marilyn is almost ready to embark on Arleta’s manuscripts. She also shared that she is going to be a great-grandmother! This lead to a discussion on how old everyone was. Now that was a golden moment that I doubt will be repeated for awhile! (If you weren’t there, you’ll have to continue to guess.)

Ruth brought calendars for everyone and quietly gave her usual insightful comments. Jane was an excellent host. Sharon P. was glad to be out of the house.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Written by Sharon P.

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