Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This would be a major scavenger hunt on the internet. Interested in joining the fun? Oh good. I'm pretty lousy with the hunting skills. I could use the help. Here's the scoop, as I understand it. Sweet Veronique took tons of pictures with her new HP M527 digital camera. (Apparently she could give you a few digital Photography Tips.) A collage was made with all pics and split into 30 pieces. Thus, the hunt is on for all the pieces. That's all I need--more pieces in my life.

Stay with me now . . . if you can search throughout the internet for all the pieces (and be the first to put it all together) you can grab a $1000 opportunity. There's a piece right here on this post. I would advise, however, you start hunting this very minute. The nice people at HP play the game well. A little bit on the fast and furious side, so to speak, and by the way, this post is sponsored by HP.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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