Friday, January 19, 2007

New From Motorola UK

Here's the latest update, for all you wonderful people of Great Britain or the UK, from the "mobile" phone people we have come to love and know, Motorola. We know them well here in the US too.

But here's the deal for UK folks, it's the new Motorola K1 and let's explore the dynamic features, shall we? Very sleek (42 x 103 x 16) and very slick, with a reflective Glass front and a soft touch rear finish. Sounds fascinating. Dreamy colors: cosmic blue, silver quartz and black. Apparently one can individualize this KRZR K1 and the Z3. Now I'm mostly impressed by the Bluetooth since I still don't have one and this Bluetooth is in stereo. Nice.

Something for the kids perhaps (though no one is ever too old to listen to music) is the integrated mp3 player. Can't go wrong with that. Check it out for yourself and have fun!

This is a paid advertisement for Motorola UK, btw, and I'm greatful for the opportunity.

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