Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Little Shop That Emmie Built

The Gatekeeper's family is spreading their wings. Yes the family business has finally opened the double doors--well, little brother's doors, really. Nonetheless, I shall eagerly do my part with due honor.

After all, though working from home has its worries, it has its rewards. Like, he can now drive the kids to school, pick the kids up from school, drive to water polo practise, water polo games and invitationals (half way across the state). . . ah, the life!!! He's loving it.

Could you do me a favor? Come take a look at Emmie's Place won't you? I mean, take a LOOK at these natural home-made soaps, for starters. There's talks little brother will soon join the land of bloggers. A nice community indeed. Here's to a clean start.

Black Licorice Soap!!!

Cedarwood and Rosehip Soap!!!

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