Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dead On CSI Miami

Wake-up time was 4:00am--this was last Thursday. Surprisingly enough, the world is awake and on the road. Who works at that time of the day? It was hauntingly dark on the express way, very misty. We made it to Raleigh Studios in Manhattan beach by 6:00am. That would make it a frightfully fast trip!! Layne slept all the way there.

We managed to find the CSI Miami set--stage 24 by the back gate, but only after I caused a slight traffic jam at the front gate. Who knew I had to get into lane 1 to sign in. Oh, never mind.

Here's the highlight of our day, and there were many, we sign in with the AD (we always forget the real title) who says, "Oh, hi Layne, hold on I'll walk you to your dressing room."

What!!!! He gets his own dressing room?? He did. We just had to laugh. He got his own bathroom with shower, a TV, a microwave and a walk-in closet. Both of us didn't say a word but we honestly thought she got it wrong. As it turns out Layne, indeed, got his own dressing room and his own teacher as well.

Food was brought to him all day, he had two assistants standing around making sure he was warm, had enough water, checked his makeup etc. He was a little dumbfounded. Although this is our least favorite CSI it has become our favorite to work on.

So he had a small part and yes . . . he was dead! It's quite a shock to see your child that way, even if he was acting. I read the script, it's gonna be a tear jerker. The title is "No Mom's Land" airing in a couple of weeks.

I tried to take pictures of Layne but he kept smiling. Here's the best I got. Mind you I'm not sure if I should post this, but then again, it's another Piece Of Me. And btw, at the end of the day Layne was thanked for a great job and everyone looked forward to working with him again. It wasn't so much a compliment about his acting (which he does well) as it was about his behaviour and attitude. I'm blessed with a well-behaved and well-mannered teenager. Why doesn't he act like that at home?

And . . . just in case you actually read this far---it was my birthday Friday, the 19th. I had a great day. I worked. That's a good thing. It's official, I'm a Writers' Conference Speaker's Assistant. I think.


Janey Loree said...

We usually watch CSI Miami, so we will have to look for Layne! What an exciting way to spend your birthday! I guess you won't forget this birthday for awhile!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Wow! We'll watch for Layne. Thanks for sharing what its like to be behind the scenes!