Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Beauty Within

So, I will admit that fashion is not something I think about very often. I am aware, however, that with a new job, one which will require some travelling and being in front of people, this might have to change soon enough. I am thrilled to have stumbled upon Belisi Fashions' blog and learn a little bit about this strange world of clothing.

What impressed me most of all about Being Belisi is that the first thing I read was; "What's beautiful to you?" Ah, now there's a loaded question. Is it inner beauty? A sunset perchance? Your child kissing your cheeck? My father loving my mother after breast cancer surgery? How would you answer this question. Peter Belisi is searching for your answer and he'll give $100 for the most beautifully written poem, or even comments and essays on what is true beauty.

Then, of course, take a look at his sense of style. I already love the clothes and the soft colors. My wardrobe is down to sweats, jeans and Ts. Time, I guess, to get into something new, cozy and stylish. You can take my word for it that Belisi might have the inside scoop on beauty but please take a look for yourselves. And remember, beauty definitely starts inside of you.

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