Sunday, December 03, 2006

Life In Reality

Is it just me, or am I the only one who has yet to watch a reality show? And now we're watching them on the internet. Well, at least, I am. After all who wouldn't want to watch Ted "Murphman" Murphy's life unfold on the internet. It's the RockStart Show with HD content, or that's what I think it's in. I'm not that computer savvy yet.

What? You don't know who Ted Murphy is? You lie. Sorry, I know you don't lie. Check out the YouTube vids at my boss' site. Oops, yep, I've said too much. Really though, I can't call him my boss, even though he pays me now and again to say nice things. And for the most part I do say nice things.

I do like the Murphman and his staff. They're awfully funny and they love to love us posties. Sometimes I'm not quite sure if they really exist. They're just too sweet. And they hint that all their images are superimposed in this reality show. Makes one wonder. No, say it's not so.

Honestly it's a fun place to visit and soon you can see them on TV. Oh, no! Another reality show! And if you're a fun, witty and wise blogger they might just take you with them. And did I mention they pay. Yes, they'll be famous (or more famous) soon. So watch this HD content reality show and have fun, they are.

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