Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Christmas Critique


‘Twas the Critique before Christmas
We couldn’t find the house
but soon the screen door was squeaking
just like a mouse

We sat ‘round the table
and ate snacks with great care
In hopes that Debby, Becki and Brenda
soon would be there!

Sandee & Granddaughter Jillian
Debby and Layne
Becki (Debby’s guest)

Sharon E.
Debbie W.

Tea anyone? Young Jillian (Sandee’s Granddaughter) brought a wonderful little story about a tea cup. If you get close enough, you might smell the fragrance of a rose. We loved the piece! Thank you Jullian for sharing your writing with us!

Next, we delved into another critique of “Catch”. Everyone had a different helpful comment for Sandee. We even commented on each other’s comments. Sandee is home sorting all of this out.

Brenda has been camping out in the children’s section of the library dreaming up children’s stories. We enjoyed her newest creation. If you’ve ever been a “room-mom” at school, you’ll love this story.

Jane brought a stack of “Highway of Holiness” books and study guides. This book, that Jane worked on, is about the amazing power of prayer. Jane, by the way, is our resident senior editor. Today she exhibited impressive fine motor skills by editing 4 manuscripts with a one and a half inch pencil.

Pat wanted us to look at the chapter titles for her next book. Were they interesting? A resounding yes! We could relate to them all. Our favorite chapter was “Go Crazy”.

Becki, our special guest, wrote an intriguing personal experience piece entitled, “The Dime Penny”. It’s really about people. So it was suggested to change the title to “Dime Penny People”. In the end, we were challenged to love and value people just as God does…even diet coke junkies (you had to be there!).

Marilyn gave some helpful tidbits on submitting manuscripts and also dealing with publishers. The latter was quite aprepoe as Marilyn quite calmly informed us that 1400 of her books have disappeared.

Speaking of disappearing, Debby brought Layne today. But he mysteriously vanished 52 seconds after crossing the dining room. At the end of the meeting, we finally figured out that Debby had ushered him into the “office” to do homework. (with the help of a little TV) We love those kids!

Pat announced she wants to buy a wireless laptop and that got us going about computers. We all feel like we need to sharpen our knowledge on the subject so at the next couple of meetings we will donate a section of time to this end. And by the way, Sharon volunteered Jane’s house for our January 5th meeting. Pat will host our February meeting at her cottage.

We missed all of our missing members. Get better Ruth! To those who are traveling, you are in our prayers. To those who are teaching—keep up the good work! To those who are chasing little ones around the house—don’t give up—you are doing the most important job of all.

By Sharon P.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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