Saturday, October 14, 2006

Review: Arms of Deliverance

I'm not quite sure what it is I did to win a copy of this book but it was really sweet when I received this in the mail from Gina (I believe) from WriterInterrupted. Here's my little review (mind you I'm a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan) on Tricia Goyer's Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise which is kind of a WWII/romance/adventure.

It is a totally unedited review (not professional, I know) so don't get all snippity that I'm not following "review" procedure. Here we go. . .

Can a Jewish girl date a German officer in WWII? Death to the officer if he was found out. No worry, even he doesn't know she's Jewish. Will female reporters (one who writes for a fashion magazine, the other to prove something to her father) ever reach the front lines, and live to write about it? Or can a boy from Montana save America's sweetheart in the middle of a fearce battle?

When I first opened the book I quickly learned there were quite a few characters. Something I have a hard time with. Too many POV's. This shouldn't be done I first thought. Tricia quickly proved me wrong. Well, at least, she knows how to do this correctly. I never had to turn back a page to find out who Katrine was, or even Vinny (a minor character). As a matter of fact I looked forward to each break so I could catch up with another character.

The whole story flowed and each person's account was connected to the other even though they didn't know each other. It just all came perfectly together at the end of each chapter, not to mention the end of the book.

Tricia is able to get that "Oh! Aha! Right on!" reaction from her readers. Not to mention, a few tears here and there. That was quite annoying (in a very good way, of course).

As I read each page it is obvious that research was done. Unless she knew all about B17's and its crews, flight crew apparal, flight formations, intricate details of the inside of one, dates of certain battles (and we could go on), Tricia Goyer could probably teach a class on how to do research or why to do it. Lord knows I need to learn and find discipline to do it. Bottom line: it makes the whole story believable, no questions asked.

So in the midst of a world war, Tricia weaves in a beautiful love story and convincingly shows how destiny is God's design on our lives. He truly, truly has worked out each step and has purpose for every human being he has ever created (that would be all of us, people). Mrs. Goyer must have experienced this in her own life or she could not have written it down so well. Of course, the woman might just be gifted.

I would love to write about each character in this review, or how each of them grew into heroes and heroins, but I think you should read the book for yourself. This reader highly recommends it. Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good read!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a terrific writer!!! And I think your review was perfect.