Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Need Chocolate

I really do need chocolate. Enough said. Yes, I'm moody again. Mellow moody though. Frankly speaking, I deserve chocolate. Christmas 2005, I believe, was the last time I really dug into some good quality mouth watering chocolate. My doctor always says that when I crave something it's because my body needs it. You know, like sleep, or strawberries. Mmmm, chocolate and strawberries. Yes, that's what my body needs. Just following doctor's orders.

So here's the thing. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate should be in a taste test against Mrs. See's chocolate. I, of course, would volunteer for this job. Maybe I should make a short chocolate film.
Humor me will you? Picture this: It's early afternoon, the wind is rustling just enough to make my apple tree sway ever so gently. A soft rain begins to fall. remember it's been a long hot summer, this is good for the earth. The mountains are still in view but it's covered with a thin layer of mist. The fireplace is lit and singing that crackly song and I reach for a cup of hot cocoa and a box filled with, hmmm, let me see . . . oh yeah, nuts and chews!

Craving level is on high right now. I better stop. But here's my question for the day. Why do women crave chocolate? Do men crave it? They're not talking, but I have my suspicions. Most of the men I know like dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is what does it for me. And never put chocolate in the fridge. Oh no, chocolate is meant to be smooth, and gooey is fine with me. I have a second question. When was chocolate discovered and who did this to us?

How about we settle for a pound of sugarless Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate? I did some research and the packaged deal is looking pretty good over there. Oh bother, me doing research?
Okay, I know this sounds bad, nonetheless, I might have to try some soon. ASAP soon.

Well, it really is misty outside. My thirty-dollar windchimes are clanging and I'm home alone with a warm cup of french-vanillia-flavored coffee not feeling too bad I might add. Must be the chocolate.


L.L. Barkat said...

I don't know if there's anything to chocolate specifically, but we definitely crave sugar when we are even mildly dehydrated. Gulp.

The GateKeeper said...

Oops, that's my problem. I must be really dehydrated. Good to know. Thanks.