Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Action :Stage Malibu

Sarah, my sweet college girl, gave up her Sunday afternoon to spend some time with her aging momma. We were supposed to see "One Night With the King," but instead she hangs with us boring adults in a local coffee shop and handles the booking of a hotel for Layne and I so that we'll be closer to where they're shooting Ben Stiller's new movie.

Motel 6 is becoming our second home, slightly straining our budget. Layne has offered to pay, but I am trying to keep every cent he makes for college.

Six o'clock in Van Nuys was a peaceful sort of confusion--a rooster woke us. This brought back memories of the home we left in El Monte. By 6:30 we were on the 101 freeway, then PCH heading for Zuma Beach in Malibu. Very little traffic. Stay with me now. A sandy office with white foamy waves, a gentle sun and an ocean breeze. Tough day.

We got to the set a half hour early and acquanted ourselves with the necesary people. Layne was quickly introduced to the teacher and proceeded with schoolwork. They actually provided WIFI for him. Then it was off meeting Ben Stiller's co-star, Michelle Monaghan, with whom Layne would be working that day.

He played the part of a young friend who was teaching her how to skim-board. She actually had a real skim-boarder give her on-the-spot lessons early in the morning. She fell quite a bit and Layne, the gentleman that he is, helped her up many times. Michelle, btw, is a very sweet girl.

So I watched my budding star playing, I mean working on the beach in Malibu being splashed by a Hollywood starlett. Here come the teaching moments, right? Besides Michelle there were so many pretty girls on that set I did found myself praying. For what? Come on, you get the picture.

Michelle was the only star there that covered herself with a robe when director man yelled "Cut." Then, knowing she was working with a young boy she offered to wear a shirt over her bikini. They obliged. What say ye?

I reminded Layne about respecting women. He rolled his eyes but held my hand and said very softly, "I know mom, don't you worry."

All in all it was a great day: for Layne work was play, and I got a chance to take in God's glory and commune with Him before the breaking waves under a perfect baby blue sky. Pretty amazing. Each person including the caterers were prayed for that day. I wonder if any of them knew that, or even felt God's presence?

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Helen said...

Hi from England!

wow what an exciting day!sounds like your son has great opportunities and the beach sounds lovely, it's great that you prayed for everyone that day, God puts us in places for a reason, bet they were blessed!

Have a good week and God Bless you!