Thursday, September 21, 2006

ThirteenBlessings in My Life

1. My Daughter, Sarah. Smart and beautiful.

2. Her sweet and wacky roomies & suitees

3. Sallie Mae

4. My wonderful and talented moody son

5. Our new neighbors (There are so many wonderful days in our neighborhood)

6. Awesome friends

7. Finding New Friends every Thursday

8. My car, Mickey!

9. Being able to make payments on Mickey

10. Our new house, which is finally feeling like home.

11. My loving parents

12. Chocolate

13. Knowing a God who loves, forgives, and never gives up on me!!

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Anonymous said...

Great list. :) Thanks for the reminder to take note of the blessings in our lives. Happy TT. :)

Anonymous said...

Chocolate...yes...l-o-v-e it!

My tt is up too!

Tink said...

Go chocolate! ;-) I'm glad to see you have a lot to feel blessed.
My TT is up too.

Vicky said...

Definitely chocolate!!! And did you really give your car a name?!! LOL!

Ghost said...

Wonderful blessings and finding new friends and ideas on Thursday is a great one.

Have a Happy!

Knitting Maniac said...

At least your name for your car is a nice name. We named one of our cars the Hoopdie. And EVERYone called it that.

Great list!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I love gratitude lists like yours.
The Beagle Mixers are so cute and cuddly I tried to reach into the screen.
Thanks for sharing.
Waving at you from New York,

Cindy said...

Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine. :)

Tina said...

Great list. :) Have a blessed Thursday!

Barb said...

Great list - wonderful blessings!!

My TT is up.

Bunny said...

Great list! I love #12 too. And Amen for #13.

Thanks for visiting my list!

MommyBa said...

You are definitely blessed!

Happy weekend!

Chelle Y. said...

That was a sweet list.

Jenny Ryan said...

Great list! Thanks for reminding me of all that I have to be thankful for, and thanks for visiting my TT :)

Danielle said...

What a beautiful TT!!!

Kids are the greatest blessing--especially right now while their asleep ;-)

Thanks for stopping by!