Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Beagle Mixers!!

Okay, here's the deal. I am so ready to have my own room. My brothers and sisters, well . . . I love 'em and all but they are totally crowding my space. Spot here, he's my favorite but I'm through with getting my tail bit. Yeah, he's giving me the cold shoulder. He's only got himself to blame. My owners, they adore us. We even get to spend a lot of time inside their house. That's pretty cool. I'm Brown Sugar and I got to tell ya, I'd love to come and check out your house. I'll be good and I'll love you forever.

Hey, hey, Spot here. Yeah, I know, you all think Sugar is kind of special with her brown spots and all. She thinks so too. Oh bother, let me just get my paw on that fly. Anyway, I'd like to stay here in San Jacinto. The weather is fine and my brothers well...we love playing in the dirt over here. We always get in trouble though cause we like to shove Sugar in the mud. Hehehehe. Aww, now don't get all sappy on me. The mud just blends in with her perty brown spots. Anybooo, I'll try not to eat your slippers and sneakers if you promise not to leave them around because that's just sneaky of you. I'm very, very lovable and I can't wait to love you.

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amy said...

They are sweet. I wish you lived in Atlanta. Hope you dont mind me checking you out..FOund you on TT blogrolling