Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Working the Festival

Layne--Center Stage!!

Layne and Cameron worked hard pre-Freedom Fest--putting up tents, serving water and joy riding tractors all over the property. They've made friends and re-introduced themselves to their second cousins. Who would have thought that working so hard would bring them joy? It has.

I came to take them home and they were very unwilling. Both wanted to stay. Looks like they're working till 9:00pm tonight and lovin' it. I'm so proud.

Gtargirl's interpretation of the above:

The young warriors, after spending another 14 hours on the journey through the magical forests of Washigon, were finally greeted by Lady Cynthia and Lord Byron along with Chip E. who has no title.

Their reward was a cozy loft with feathered comforters and a really big projector screen, I mean a device to watch tales of Anime.

Sleeping in till past the wee morning hours they finally stumbled out of loft into the fresh Snohomish day. And what a day. It is clear, cool with a dash of warmth unlike the heat of the home they left behind.

The young warriors arrived at the Festival of Musicians and were put to work quicker than one could say . . . . . let me know what you come up with and leave it in the comments section. Thanks. They enjoyed the labor tremendously which is a tremendous step forward in the training of young warriors. Also, both warriors were able to drive transportation vehicles with tremendous horse power and were able to tame the Deere.

Yes, Gtargirl is proud especially when said warriors were not eager to stop work and head for comfy loft. Till we meet again.

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sp said...

Sounds like the young warriors are enjoying their training!

My young warrior is on the recliner eating grapes.

To answer your request for a word. I couldn't think of a fitting word--only a hum drum idea.
....."Quicker than one could say--