Monday, August 14, 2006

The Road Through the Happy Forest

Greetings from the mountains of Yreka. Let it be known that from this day forth this place shall be called, Califorigon. It is a glorious morning indeed. Gtargirl left the desert land of San Jacinto with the heart and strength of a Warrior (life sounds so much more exciting this way). Along this journey, besides her sword and shield, she took with her two young warriors-in-training, who slapped each other silly all through the forest, played games on instruments unknown to Gtargirl and listend to loud music (which Gtargirl handled with dignity).

The roads and by-ways, mostly called the I-5, along this happy trail were in need of repair and other travellers were quite impatient with the apparent non-speed of Gtargirl's small, but cozy vehicle of transportation lovingly named, Mickey. That, however, is a tale to be told in other chronicles.

Young warriors, Layne and Cameron, were very polite and never once asked for their daily rations of food. Indeed, it was Gtargirl, that made the offer most of the time and quenched their thirst and desire for hunger in places with golden arches.

We rested in areas with the appropiate facilities for warriors might guess for yourselves.

So the journey ended for the day 14 hours later in the mountainous, and I might add magical land of Yreka. Pronuctiation still a mystery. There was a fair across the by-way but the young rascally warriors opted for a refreshing dip in the local pond at the distinguised lodging of Motel 6. A very old and grumpy guest, of the said accomodations, whooped and hollered at Layne to get off his darn contraption all good warriors own, the entripid skateboard. Gtargirl apoligizes if entripid is not a word but these things do pop in her head now and again.

Sleep came upon us fast so without further adieu we bid thee all a farewell. Greetings go to General Joshua and Lady Magdalena as well as young Lady Natasha. Princess Sarah is also given a shout out, I mean farewell, as well as Grandfather Opa and dear Grandmother Oma.

Our journey continues through the winding forest into the land of Washington where the fair Lady Cynthia and Lord Byron awaits us. We do surely hope. Till we meet again, over and out, I sincerely mean, farewell.


SP said...

I wish I could go along
to Califorigon
And help the Tom Sawyers
become young warriors
I bid thee well
My eyes will be watching the journey

factor 10 said...