Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Library of Friends

These are my mentors, my friends and my encouragers. Their writing is blessed indeed. And when I get to the point of giving up on my own writing, they won't let me. So this is my chance to show them off a little on this blog. So please, browse through my library of friends and, by all means, indulge . . .

Sandee is working on book two.
Marilyn leads our group with wisdom, plenty of knowledge and unconditional love.
Mary, I would say, is the honorary member of our group. We miss her most of the time. Her worship adds another dimension to our group.
Sharon NE is our inspiration. She makes us laugh and she sure gets things done.
Jane is editor extraordinaire. Fine tuning our work is what she does well.

Here's to the rest of the group who will soon join them in the "book published" world, I have no doubt.

Go Sharon, Brenda, Ruth & Debby. Yay!

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