Saturday, July 29, 2006

Something Exotic

Here's a recipe from my mom's cookbook Come and Dine. We just called it . . .

Exotic Tropical Fruit Drink

1 Tbsp. sugar palm fruit
1/4 inch of rose stroop
1 Tbsp. yellow or green Ai Yu jelly
6 oz. of water
1 Tbsp. jack fruit
Crushed ice

Pour rose stroop in tall glass. Add crushed ice, then add the sugar palm fruit, the jelly, and then the jack fruit. Fill glass with water.


Katili said...

Hiya! I'm Katili at Kat Scratch Fever and I'm your monitor, yay! I have no idea what rose stroop is, but this thing sounds kind of yummy!

Paddy O. said...

This sounded so good I went to the local Vons to get the ingredients.

I said to the employee in the produce section, "I'd like a jack fruit."

He hit me.

Also, where does one get a jar of Ai Yu jelly these days?

The GateKeeper said...

Hehehehe, that's funny. You would have to go to an Asian market or a Dutch specialty store (there's one in Diamond Bar) and browse. Or . . . you can come visit and I'll have one ready to go. :)