Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday Trials

"Hi, Mom, my car has a gas leak. I can smell the gas inside the car."

That's pretty much how my Sunday went. I'm actually laughing now. Wasn't so fun back then. Sunday morning, that's 6:00am, got in the shower. Layne, bless his heart, got ready in time to leave at around 7:10. We stopped at a gas station to put air into my almost-flat tire. Spent some money on breakfast with Mr. Box and went on our way to church.

On our 70 mile journey to San Dimas we saw a car upside down in the cow pasture. This is the third time we've witnessed this. Last Sunday a car was upside and on fire.

I dropped Layne of at his Grandma's house so his dad could pick him up later to go to Auntie's house for dinner.

"Hi, Mom, my car has a gas leak. I can smell the gas inside the car."

Oh yes. So 140 miles later I'm home trying to figure out what to do for Sarah. She's at work till 6:00pm. Disney is 70 miles the other way from the previous 70 miles to San Dimas. Make sense? Mom and Dad follow me to Disneyland where we met Sarah who drove her car to Del Taco while leaking gas.

Yep. Gas spouting out like that thing at YellowStone Park. We call AAA. They won't come near us. We have to call the fire department. Hehehehehe. Opa deQ springs into action.

"We don't need the fire department!!!!" he hollers and disappears across Katella, which has eight lanes and a trillion cars rushing by. He comes back with a screwdriver. Puts his head under the hood. Five seconds later, says "Start the car." Walla (spelling unknown, it's french)! He cleans up the gas leak. We have a good laugh and do some Oma, Opa, Mom, daughter bonding. God is good. We eat fish tacos.

Then, I follow Sarah in my car, Oma and Opa follow me in their car and we all drive another 70 (actually I think it's more like 90) miles to El Monte where we drop off Sarah's car at Opa's church because our mechanic is across the street. I give Sarah my car, kiss her goodbye, get into Opa's car, turn on Celtic Praise and drive another 90 miles home. It's 12:30am.

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