Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Genre: Metal ... Post Hard Core. Redeem/Revive, What Are Your Children Listening To?

We have to let our kids find their own way in this life, right? Hopefully they're looking in the right places. We pray that the path they're on will lead them to happiness, peace, love and God. The latter for us would be far more important than anything else.

What does a young man do when he's put all his energy, time, and honestly, his life into one dream and then that dream is ripped away from him by his friends?

What if I started a publishing company and then just when we signed, oh let's say Ted Dekker or the likes, and my bizz partners decide to vote me off the island: kick me out, rip up my contract, null and void. It happened to the Facebook guy. And it happened to my son. But he'll survive. He's tough, amazingly tough.

He played in a band called Redeem/Revive, signed with Outerloop Management who have pretty big-name bands under their belt. I could rant on about both of these (band and management) and how they betrayed my son. Ironically, their debut EP is called Betrayl ... yes, I believe the "a" is left out on purpose. But what good would my rants do?
They tore his heart out, stomped on it and left it on the sidewalk for others to trample on. But he only bent, he didn't break. He's like a Palm Tree (now there's a good story). My son will survive, they picked on the right kid ... or should I say, the wrong kid. This one will rise from the ashes. Too much prayer goin' on for him to go under. It's dark in this place he's in but he has options and they all point up, if you get my meaning.

But enough of that. I went to his show with Redeem/Revive and shot some video with my 'Droid. It came out pretty good. As I was listening to the lyrics, I heard the f word. I remember him telling me that their songs had that word. Well, knowing is one thing, hearing is another. And the clean singer was raised in the Church of the Nazarene ... Oh My!!! Mine was raised at New Song in San Dimas. What were our kids listening to? Or who are they listening to now?

In any case, when you get booted off the island maybe God has a better plan. This plan was looking a little dark and ugly. But then again ... who am I to say? Perhaps they're there to be a light. Well, then, I hope he left a mark.

Debby A.

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