Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am A Writer, My Family Doesn't Know

So you're a writer. Does your family know? Do they encourage you on your writing journey? I'm not quite sure if my family knows. If they do know, they're not telling anyone. Maybe I'm wrong. After all I'm not around any of them 24/7. I could use a little help here. 

I was talking to my cousin in Australia and send her a link to my flash fiction. Yeah, I write flash fiction on Yahoo because I can't sit around and wait for that big book deal. And when my novel does get published, we have plans, there's still no guarantee that it will be on the New York Best Seller's list. So writing articles, recipes and flash fiction is the in-between plan to put food on the table.

In any case, my family down under didn't really know I was a writer. Could be, that I'm not good at selling, or rather promoting, myself. Too much to learn.

This post then, is for my family. I mean come check this out. I'm a writer!

Flash Fiction:
Where Dragons Live
The Whisperer's Daughter
Jesha: When Worlds Collide (my first Steampunk short)
The Dying World
Light of the World: The Christmas Planet

So dear family, I hope you'll come and see what I do. But then again, you probably don't know I blog.

Debby A.

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