Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lesson From Facebook About the Mayans' End Of The World Prediction

So we're all still here (that doesn't mean the end isn't coming) and I learned from my facebook peeps that ... we're being lulled into believing, or not believing, that this world will end someday. It will, really. Okay, I know, you just can't take that seriously anymore. That's my point, I guess. Too many predictions and none of them have come true ... so far. You do know that even the Bible says, "NO ONE KNOWS WHEN." That was just one status update from a FB friend. They're great with posting images and whatnot: "What part of 'no man knows' did you not get?"

And there were some more great images for sure: from my fave Martian et al.

Oh, it gave us such a chuckle. Honestly, we've got to stop watching the news. They get ya all up in a frenzy. Just follow us on Facebook, we've got it all together over there. We even have the recipe for Twinkies. Yes, they live!

Debby A.

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