Monday, December 24, 2012

Flash Fiction: Light Of The World

In all the realms of every universe the news spread faster than light: the Blue Planet – the Dark World – was chosen to receive Creator’s Son.

Cynda sank into the mounds of ram skins and woolen mantles strewn about her silvery throne. “Why the Dark World?” Her fingers ran through playful strands of her golden hair. She eyed the messenger. “There’s blood on their hands. Anger rules their hearts. Hatred fills their eyes. Will they know Creator’s Son? Or even recognize him?”

“They might not.” Gad retracted his wings, shaking off a trail of stardust. His blue eyes scanned beyond the crystal craters outside the arched windows.

“Tell Creator we are at His service.”

“That is greatly appreciated. I am afraid, however, that the Son will have to complete this assignment on his own.”

Cynda shook her head and sighed. “What is the assignment?”

“To save them.”

“From themselves?”

“Mostly.” Gad prepared his wings for flight. “And from Satha. He’s darkened their minds. Together they have made quite a mess of things.” He looked over his shoulders toward her. “You have done well to keep your distance, though once or twice their iron ships have touched your shadowlands.”

“We have seen them. But they could not see us.”

“Their eyes cannot see divine things.” Gad opened his wings slowly till they stretched beyond the mercury walls. “Cynda, your light will soon be needed.”

“I am ready.”

Suddenly the space around her was void of his presence. Cynda never liked when messengers departed. She worried about them. “Sons and daughters of men ignore the messengers. They do not know Light and worship the darkness.” She spoke in whispers to herself. “And what will they call him? Is there a name suitable and would they be worthy to even speak it?”

“Cynda!” Her baby sister, Cusha, tumbled into the room, her dress draggling sparks of white light. She toppled over limestone floors before jumping onto Cynda’s lap. “Have you heard? Have you heard? He is going to save them after all.”

“Yes, I’ve heard. Though it appears they do not think they need saving, he will do it nonetheless.” Cynda brushed the slivers of light from her sister’s hair and hugged her.

“Is Cynda all right?”

“Cynda is fine.” She straightened Cusha’s flowing white dress. “The Light is coming to the Dark World. That is good news Cusha.”

When Gad returned many days later, he swept Cynda into his arms and flew her into the darkest part of the universe. Not one of her kind had ever been that close to Creator’s Blue Planet.

Gad left her there. “Do not fear,” he told her. “This is what you were created for.”

She danced with nighttime breezes. Twirled in the vastness of space till the light within her burnt brighter and hotter than it had ever done before. It scared her to think she might not survive. But fear subsided when she remembered Gad’s words: “Do not fear. This is what you were created for.”

Beneath her light lay a child wrapped in swaddling cloths. Creator’s Son in a stone trough. She caressed his cheeks. He stirred within her warm glow. It saddened her to see him in such obscurity and poverty.

But she lit the path for kings who sought him, for shepherds who believed in him. All was not lost for the generations of the Blue Planet. Cynda burnt bright till all who searched for him found him.

“Here is your King,” she whispered. “What will you do with him?”

Then she closed her eyes.

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Debby A.

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