Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Little Model For White Wolf

Her name is Mira, she's a Siberian Husky, she's beautiful with sky blue eyes and her fur is so soft. I've decided to use her as the model for my white wolf. Because every Medieval fantasy needs a white wolf. I wonder if she'll grow wings? She needs wings.

Mud is my friend.

She's almost twelve weeks old and house broken. Unfortunately, she's not a very good guard dog. She just loves everyone. We'll work on that. And she's quite happy to sleep all day.

Don't bother me ...
But she also loves to play. And the beach is her playground. It's a good thing the beach is just a five-minute bike ride. Though she hasn't learned to ride the beach cruiser yet. But she'll be surfing pretty soon, no doubt about it.

Beach Baby!
And she loves her bones ... no more hides for Mira. Apparently they cause little tummies to turn. Not quite sure what that means. But it isn't good. And she needs to be strong and healthy for all those flying scenes. She's also on one of those holistic diets ... or something like that. It's health food for puppies.

Um ... I don't share.
Now if she can just grow a few wings she'll be the perfect little White Wolf. Stay tuned. This is Mira our Siberian Husky. Watch for her YouTube debut. Just sayin'.

Hi, I'm Mira, female Warrior.

Debby A.

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