Sunday, May 20, 2012

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I was trying to describe Pinterest to a fellow conferee this weekend and couldn't find the words. Maybe the workshops affected my brain cells. It's a digital pinboard with lots of pretty pictures. Of course that doesn't explain why a writer should have a Pinterest account as part of her, or his, platform. All I can tell you is, it works. In the "How to Market Your Book" workshop we were told that publishers want to know how much of a following, or platform, you have. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and yes, Pinterest.

The one Pinterest board we have for G8Press is getting us traffic. I guess that's all I need to say. Love it.

Here's the BEST, and most interesting, review of The Avengers, by Mary Findley, I have read.


We've been told he's good for advertising. Makes you wanna read a book, right?

And Pinterest helps with those book sales. It's over 80% female which explains the awesome and friendly community. Just sayin'.

Check out our book by Sandra Schoger Foster and purchase it now in time for Father's Day!!

Social Networks! How's your platform?

Debby A.

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