Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How To Have a Successful Book Contest on Pinterest

We are definitely having fun on Pinterest. Our GNFA Sci-Fi/Fantasy group on Facebook decided to hold a book contest to see if we could generate a few more sales. Or perhaps throw author names out onto the world wide web. We're not quite sure how successful we were but we did learn a few things.

Networking, as usual, is key
Making friends is extremely important
Make personal and authentic connections
Use pretty pictures and witty titles
Have a great product as prizes
Give the contest time (we held it over a month)
Have friends help by putting your board on their Pinterest page
Word of mouth still rules
Pick a theme for your contest (the theme of the book would be good)

I'm sure we have lots to learn but  our contest was quite a success. Shawn Lamb, because of the amount of entries we received, decided to give out two copies of her book Allon. 

Winners are Debbie McEachern and Pat Stockett Johnston. 

Come join us for our May Contest. You could win a book and perhaps we'll have some other prizes to go along ... stay tuned.

Debby A.

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