Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Poem: The Cross Is Still Divine

When all is said and done
Artist: Peter Paul Rubens
When all the wars are won
And all that's left are questions
And truths that we've denied
The cross is still divine

What is love if there's no dying?
What is hate if there's no crying?
And when ashes fall like snow
And repentance is for show
The cross is still divine

When ocean waves can thunder
When waters rip asunder
And our sorrows are to drown
And our hearts bleed on the ground
The cross is still divine

When all love is forgotten
When it lays in trash and rotten
And the womb has life no more
Cause we killed it all before
The cross is still divine

When our last breath is taken
When all lands are forsaken
And if the sun does not go down
And His blood yet stains my gown
The cross is still divine


Creative Commons License

Debby A.


Joy said...


Patricia said...

You have a gift for beautiful poetry - beautiful expressions of love for your Lord.


The Gatekeeper said...

Thank you so much Joy and Patricia. Every word of encouragement means a lot.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your poem. Its beautiful!

- Trini

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks Trini.