Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Musings: The Pinterest Social Network Craze

Another social network? Oh bother! Another addiction and just one more way to market whatever it is you're selling, including books. If you haven't heard, Pinterest has exploded into the realms of social networks. Google + cannot keep up, though that is only my opinion.

Pinterest addicts are mostly female--more than 85% who share beautiful pictures, recipes, dream homes, fashion, music, cars, and whatever else interests you humans.

One creates bulletin boards on which is pinned anything that interests the heart. Oooh, I get it ... P/in/terest. Clever. Big companies like Better Homes and Gardens and Etsy have joined the chaos and encourage their followers to repin anything from their sites.

Think of Pinterest as Twitter on Steroids. It's all about letting the photographs do the talking. For instance, I have a board for recipes from my cooking blog. People on Pinterest see enticing photographs of my dishes that they can repin on their boards. My recipes and the link to my cooking blog can be shared over and over again. The link for each picture is automatically included by Pinterest by the way.

Likewise, one can have a board for books. As a matter of fact, I first heard about Pinterest from members of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) who are using this social network to promote their books. This could work. A board for our Grace and Faith Author Connection was created by yours truly. Our authors, and potential readers, can be given access to this board which then is added to their page. Exposure!

In the three days since being a member of Pinterest I have eleven boards with almost 100 followers each. Yea, each board has its own group of followers. This is a good thing, it has tremendous possibilities.

Here's me on Pinterest:

Debby A.

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