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It's Read a Book Monday: The Center Circle

Steve Biddison, author of The Center Circle has somehow landed on our blog. Ten minutes with this guy and he's got your head spinning. It's a good thing. Trust me. I'll let him tell you a little bit about The Center Circle himself.


A lowly freshman in college one day, crown prince of Orion and famed Center Circle member the next.

Orphaned at a young age, Landon’s first memories were living in a home with eleven other children who had lost their parents. But even those memories had long since faded from his thoughts as he spent the last eight years in the care of a loving foster family. Now, as a freshman in college, Landon had his future in front of him. However, all that would change the morning he got a text saying, “It’s time.”

From that moment on, Landon’s world literally was turned inside out. Taken away from his college campus to another world, he begins to discover who he really is as his destiny starts to unfold before him. No longer was he Landon, a mere freshman in college, but he was Landru, the son of a Center Circle member and heir to the throne of Orion.

But Landru’s welcome to his true identity is not one of pomp and circumstance. Called back from all corners of the world are the twelve orphans who must unite to defeat the rising power of the evil Rondel – the former mighty general who has his sights set on ruling all the worlds.

Equipped only with a ring and a sword, and the head strong guidance of the young priestess, Theophania, Landru fights his way to unite the Circle and rescue captives while trying to get a grasp on his inner powers he possess through the feelings of faith.

The Center Circle is more than just a tale of an adventure and romance. It seeks to explore the questions so many people inwardly ask. Why am I here? Is there more to life than what I see? What causes people to hold grudges? Why does evil exist? Is there hope?

Author Bio

Teacher, basketball coach, married to my wonderful wife, Amy. We have one son, Landry.

I have come to find out that in this digital age, readers now want to be able to get to know more about the authors of the books they read. They don't want just facts, they want to know what motivates them. What are their loves? In a world full of Facebook, Twitter, and email, people still like to communicate with others and see them as real human beings. With that thought in mind, I decided to write a little bit about how I came to be a YA author.

Even in my earliest memories, I was an avid reader. My mother would read to me almost every night and she is the one who first started teaching me how to read. When I entered kindergarten, I already had a pretty decent grasp on reading and I recall even reading to my classmates from time to time.

Fast forward through elementary school into my junior high years. Although my love for reading never waned, there were other things that began to take my focus and many of those things would be what shaped me for the rest of my life.

First, I began to understand just a little bit of what it meant to have a walk with God. The way I lived out my Christianity would have an extreme impact.

Secondly, I got very involved in athletics. In junior high, football, basketball, tennis, and track was my life--a year round athlete. By the time I had graduated from college, my athletic focus narrowed to one main sport - basketball. Little did I know then that just a few years later I would embark on over two decades of coaching basketball.

Third, I began to channel my love for reading into writing. It was the summer between sixth grade and seventh grade when I wrote my first novel. Having been a big fan of the original Star Trek series, my first novel was a Star Trek novel entitled, One of Our Captains Is Missing. Okay, it really wasn't very good. But it was my writing start. From that year on, I wrote one novel a year. But they never went further than being written on notebook paper and kept in a binder.

Between my junior and senior year in high school, I began writing a series of novella's that built on one another--The Center Circle Chronicles. It was a story of swords and magic that took place on other worlds. The series was finished by my sophomore year in college and once again it never made it past the binder filled with notebook paper. But unlike many of my other novels, I always kept this one. It was something special to me and I wanted one day to return to that series, rewrite it, and make it a series it was meant to be.

But through the years, I found myself caught up in my career of coaching and my dreams of writing were put on the back burner. However, the inner drive to write never left me as I began to write coaching manuals and other professional related materials. In addition to my coaching booklets, I also wrote devotionals for Christian living.

Even after publishing some of those other books, my heart was still drawn to writing fiction and the story that first formed in my mind in high school, The Center Circle, would not leave me. Finally, I decided to hit the computer and actually type a new manuscript of that story that had been a part of me for several decades.

It is true that the story changed a lot over the first version and the last one. But at its core, it is still the story that had been a part of me all these years. So now,  with Book 1 of the trilogy completed, my mind is already racing as to what comes next. Of course, I will soon be writing Books 2 and 3 of The Center Circle Chronicles.

But my Young Adult books will not only be in the science fiction fantasy genre. I have been a coach for over 20 years, there will be stories centered around athletics as well. And I am sure there will be more. Eventually, this page will hopefully be filled with a large number of books in different series. Why? Because I love to write. And I hope you love to read.

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