Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: 2012, New Beginnings, Old Resolutions

My Thursday Thoughts, the first of 2012. I know, they come a little late.

1. Reading through the Bible and doing very well so far. Following a schedule was very wise indeed. I have my moments. A few discussions from my reading has been written On MyLot, which is a sort of social network. MyLot actually pays us for starting discussions and then again when people respond. Would you like to join me?

Here's a few of my discussions:
a. Why Did God Refuse Cain's Sacrifice/Offering
b. Do You Know the Reason For Rainbows?
c. Leviathan in the Bible: Sea Monster or Dragon?

The last question is still without answer. That never happens. I guess no one knows. Have you ever read Job 41? Love those scary, fierce creatures we seemed to have forgotten. Then scientists who find dinosaur bones, ignore the Bible, and give the creature a new name. Oh my!

2. Associated Content, where I write book reviews, movie reviews, short stories, videos and other things, was sold to Yahoo. Another good company bites the dust. Now Yahoo has renamed it "Voices Yahoo" and changed the guidelines for what we write. I get the writing well, obviously, but now they won't pay you much for anything unless you have connections in some industry or you yourself are an expert. I guess I'll find my new niche. But it might not be worth my time.

3. 2012 is when I will finish my trilogy. Yes, yes, yes. I need chocolate! Book two needs an overhaul, book one is almost finished, book three is in my head. I just got to keep it simple. Tolkien, I'm not. And that's okay.

4. Looking into recipes from 1800's. Yum. We could publish another cook book. This one from ages past. But what is a gill of milk?

5. My baby girl needs surgery. Sigh. It's just her tonsils. I wonder why the doctors didn't opt to take them out when they found sacks of poison growing on them some years back? She's been a sickly child ever since. Let's see if they can get it right this time. They'll do it in February. Not soon enough for me since she insists on surfing with that infected throat of hers.

6. My baby boy is finally getting his butte into college. Proud momma. He'll be a music mogul soon enough. Hopefully there's money in that Cal Grant fund. Arnold broke the piggy bank.

7. One last thought to mention. How does anyone ever feel worthy enough to even deserve God's grace? I am really tired of picking the thorn out of my flesh.

8. Don't forget to check out our book of the month, Messages by John Michael Hileman. The Kindle version is FREE. You can download the Kindle app for PC (it's also free) if you don't have the device. Hurry though, I'm pretty sure the FREE download will not last.

I have others but these are just a few of my Thursday Thoughts.

Debby A.

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