Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: Christmas, Food and Charity

Christmas Luncheon at NewSong Church

"A star is good," said Melchior, 
"A high, unworldly thing;  
But I would choose a soul alive 
To be my Lord and King.

"Not Herod, nay, nor Cyrus, nay,  
Not any king at all;  
For I would choose a new-born child
Laid in a manger-stall."
(from the poem The Wise Men of the East, by A. Mary F. Robinson: published 1891)

My Christmas Thursday Thoughts:
1. Why are so many people afraid to say that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth?
2. It's about family and friends, peace on earth, love, good food, charity and so forth.
3. True
4. But that should be a year round thing . . . my thoughts anyway,
I made that!
5. We're forced, or manipulated, to spend too much money. People told me (on a social network site) that they don't want to give homemade things because some people get offended that you didn't buy them something. Pffft. I love homemade things, especially jams, jellies, homemade butters or cake ingredients in one jar. Scarves? I adore them.

6. Can the singing of Silent Night stop the war? Wouldn't that be sweet?

Silent night! holy night! 
Son of God 
love's pure light 
radiant beams 
from thy holy face  
with the dawn of redeeming grace, 
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.

7. Then there's food, always food, good food. Love food. I've even started a collection of Christmas recipes for my cooking blog, Cooking with Online Friends. Wanna add to my collection? Maybe this time next year we'll have enough to publish Christmas with Online Friends Cook Book. 
8. Somebody's probably already Thursday Thought of that. But we could add our own stories or poetry.

Now that the time is come wherein
Our Saviour Christ was born,  
The larders full of beef and pork,  
The garners filled with corn;  
As God hath plenty to thee sent,  
Take comfort of thy labors,  
And let it never thee repent
To feast thy needy neighbors.
(from Christmas Alms: Poor Robin's Almanac, 1891) 

Ah My Thursday Thoughts on Charity!
1. Help at a mission and serve the Christmas meal for the homeless?
2. Make scarves and give as gifts to the homeless.
3. If I had money I would donate gifts to Toys for Tots e.g.
4. Stop feeling sorry for myself because there are so many others in more need, or hurting, around Christmas and any other day. I should call the Salvation Army.
5. I have so much to be thankful for. Two healthy kids. My little company is growing. Food on the table, roof over my head (a really, really big roof), clothes on my back (albeit donated), a heater in my office and Jesus picked me. Go figure.
6. I really should decide which church to call home and get involved. Those are some of my Thursday Thoughts. 

Merry Christmas

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Debby A.


Judith said...

Your blog is beautiful - the pre-raphaelite angels are perfect for the theme. Your faith is inspirational and you must be a joy and comfort to those around you.
Have a lovely Christmas

Sharon Lynne said...

I always like hearing your thoughts on things.
Yes, its good to be thankful for what we have!
Good for the soul.