Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings: Christmas,Family, Friends and Tim Tebow

Christmas Tree in NewSong Church Sanctuary
My Monday Musings takes me back to Saturday and Sunday thoughts. My friend Carrie asked, "Are you okay? You seem somewhere else."

"Really, that's scary."

We sat around a very beautifully decorated table for the NewSong Church Christmas Luncheon. Within such a crowd I really was alone with my thoughts--very peaceful and content. There was the coziness of the sanctuary, the aroma of warm food and smiles all around.

I've been gone from this church for a while now, but I felt very welcome, like I never left. Funny thing about that. I'm kind of churchless right now, strange season indeed. But I'm lovin' it. I know the Lord will lead me somewhere soon.

2. Watched a lot of football on Sunday while trying to get some work done, feeling guilty for doing work on the Sabbath. I did lay it aside to watch Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Typical Tebow kind of game and I really thought of just tuning in at the start of the fourth quarter. But I suffered through the three bad quarters, believing in that miracle ending. And, of course, it happened.

All those commentators just laughed and couldn't explain how Tebow and the Broncos could pull it off again. Many of us went as far as believing in divine intervention. But even Tim said (in so many words), God's not a Bronco fan.

True, but something beautiful is happening in Denver. And I thought about the word "favor." All through man's history God finds favor on a particular person because there's such a big task ahead--Moses, Abraham, Deborah, Mary, Joshua, Paul, John and so on. Just listen to the commentators when they talk about Tim Tebow. They just can't put their finger on it but they know he's special.

It was beautiful to hear the mention of his parents. "Kudos to his parents," was alluded to one time for a quick second. Wow. Yay for parents who raised their children well even though we have no way of knowing how they will turn out.

I thanked my own parents today for giving my brother and I the foundation in Christ. We passed it onto our children and leave them in God's hands.

Christmas is probably my favorite season. I might even have enough money to buy a few presents this time. But I love how my kids don't think that's important at all--receiving gifts. Of course, there's always a smile when they do.

May His favor fall upon you and your family. May His smile touch your hearts. May you hear His words, "You are mine. Am I enough for you?" That's my Monday Musings.

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Here's one of my favorite Christmas Recipes

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