Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Writers: Sharon Pearson

Sharon belongs to my writers group, the San Gabriel Valley Inklings. You can read about us at the Yahoo Contributor Network, if you're interested.

In any case, Sharon's story, The Empty Chair, was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Here's part of her story and the rest is on her blog, California Breeze. Check out her awesome pictures of our Southern Cali Autumn. Yeah, we do have seasons.

Thank you Sharon for being our Wednesday Writer.

The Empty Chair
by Sharon Pearson

“Look what my mom bought me for the first day of school!”
I watched my new best friend, Stacy, emerge from her closet like a super model, and twirl around in her black and yellow striped bell-bottom trousers.
“Cute. When can I borrow them?”

Stacy and I liked the same clothes, purses, hairstyles—everything. That’s why we became best friends over the summer break.
Stacy stopped twirling and flopped down on the bedroom floor next to me.
“I have to warn you about the first day of school,” she said. “Paige will be looking for you.”
“I know,” I sighed. Paige was my best friend last year.
“When she finds out that you’re my best friend now, she’s going to freak.”

Sometimes having a best friend is a pain, I thought. I knew I should just give it up and hang out with a larger group of girls, but the others were so silly and immature. Stacy and I called them “The Strange Girls”— “Strangies”. We, of course, were different. We acted our age.

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