Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Saturday Post and Blog Review

An Autumn/Fall week in review: It's my favorite time of year. The colors are amazing, so warm and inviting. My fireplace is almost ready to light up. We've been invited for Thanksgiving dinner in Clear Lake. Ah, this season is all about family and friends. What's not to love?

First, however, we have Halloween. But alas, our community doesn't really get into that holiday. I can take it or leave it, especially since both my kids are out of the house now and candy is just hell in my tummy.

There was other news, of course . . .

Death of a Genius: This week saw the passing of Steve Jobs. On my Twitter, because the YCN (Yahoo Contributor Network) asked me to, I tweeted the following: "1955-2011. A stormy but brilliant life. Too many lows for one man and extreme highs. Can Apple survive without U? RIP."

If you've ever read his bio you'll get a glimpse of this man's character. I'll let you have your own opinions. 

Steve Jobs wanted to leave a ding in the universe. Apparently we think he did. But he took none of his empire with him. And the ding he left might be forgotten soon. But I know that he did leave his imprint on our changing world. Still sad though. He changed this world with his inventions but where did it leave him in eternity? Enough said.

Death of a Friend:   My friend Larry also passed away. People might not know he left a ding in the universe, but he did. Everything in this life, our beginning of eternity, he did for his Lord. On his facebook page it's quite obvious how much he was loved and how much he will be missed. The hundreds of messages keep coming. You see, it wasn't about the things he did for this world, though he accomplished admirable things. It was about who he was and where he stored his treasures. Without a shadow of a doubt his family and friends know they will see him again. He didn't need an app to find his name in the book of life.

On Other Lighter Thoughts:

G8Press has released Sandra Schoger Foster's latest book, Daddy Will You Play Catch with Me? The delightful Mrs. Foster will be speaking at a local school this Tuesday. We hope that her box of books will get there in time.

This is a wonderfully illustrated book about relationships, specifically between fathers and sons. And it's a wonderful companion book to her Daddy Will You Dance with Me? book which was published by Thomas Nelson. We are trying to buy back the rights but it looks like that will be a legal battle. Who knew?

Daddy, Will You Play Catch with Me?: Celebrating Special Moments Between Fathers and Sons is also available on Amazon.


Here's a couple links to my favorite Saturday news:
Author Kat Heckenbach (Finding Angel) was interviewed in a local newspaper. Here's the link.

Randy Ingermanson's book Oxygen is now available for 99cents. This Kindle version of Oxygen has a new cover. Looks like they're trying to draw that younger crowd. I'm all for that. I really did love this book. There's a very sweet romance woven into this space story. Usually I don't get the guy's POV but Randy and John Olson did a great job with the lovey dovey thing.

Finally that Blog Review I promised.

So since I mentioned Kat's interview I thought I would introduce you to her blog, Finding Kat Heckenbach. Kat's blog is her personal thoughts on writing. She tells it how it is and she's an amazing artist. Fantasy is her genre of choice, or at least, so far it is. I think Feckless: Tales of Supernatural, Paranormal, and Downright Presumptuous Ilk is a collection of horror stories and she is one of the authors. Her latest book is Finding Angel and you can read her post as she discusses her little obsessions about it.

I know Kat from a few email loops and other communities. Her blog is really fun and interesting and, of course, unique. So head on over there and leave a comment.


Well, I'm off to Huntington Beach. I'm writing a restaurant review on Pablo's Cantino for the Yahoo Contributor Network and I need a few pictures.

By the way, need some writing tips?
My Way to Plot a Novel from Education Wants to be Free
All About Character Traits from The Book Shelf Muse 


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