Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Youth of a Nation: Using Unconventional Methods to Save Our Youth

I'm thinking that every generation comes up with something new; a new genre perhaps, louder music, technology, of course. Most of the kids I know listen to hard core metal, read books about vampires, zombies and whatnot, and think slasher movies are funny. They play "special ops" games on XBox 360 live (lots of bloodshed) with online friends all over the world (so I'm told).

None of the kids that I know (including my own) want to hang out in church. Even the best programs won't hold their interest, though churches like Rock Harbor does pretty well. Yet I can't get my kids over there on a consistent basis. Call it laziness, tiredness, no gas money, whatever, they and all their friends just won't go to church. I know . . . I am not the Holy Spirit! Duly noted.

So how do we present God to these lip-ringed-tattooed kids? Good question. I don't think they are the forgotten generation at all. Honestly, they're very visible. Maybe they're the most misunderstood or  judged, but I'm not sure that's a fair statement either. When I look at publishers like Splashdown Books and even Marcher Lord Press, we see that they are publishing books this generation loves to read. Note to self: send links to kids.

Having said all that, once in a while, my kids will utterly surprise me and update their Facebook status with something like this: "It is through (or though) God, by his command has withdrawn any other throne." Woaah! Where did that come from? Ever heard of The Devil Wears Prada? No, not the movie . . . the band.

Posing with Angels' Catcher Jeff Mathis
Though I thank the inventors of Kindle, Kindle for PC and Nook immensely, it's the music that seems to reach out to this generation of wild kids, the same goes for the film industry. So happens that this writer spawned one musician and one film maker, the latter has to read books (mostly) to find inspiration for screenplays. She reads a lot of Tolkien, Lewis, Rowling and to my fear and loathing Dan Brown. But I digress.

So why do Christians write fiction? Why do Christians create music? Why do Christians produce movies? Silly questions, right? Here's The Devil Wears Prada, music written by young people for young people to bring all the glory back to God. It's loud!

Debby A.

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