Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Road Trip: Writing On Interstate 5 From CA to WA

My laptop won't be packed. It will be where it needs to be . . . on my lap. We're driving from Southern Cal to Seattle Washington (actually one hour passed SEATAC) in less than a day. It took us 19 hours last time with a few rest stops along the way. Friday my niece is getting married so we better make it. Fortunately, she's having a 7:00pm wedding. Phew!

So while my kids will do the bulk of the driving, I will be in the back seat writing my next chapter. July was my month to write 20,000 words but I'm only halfway there. It's not looking good but I'll try as this will complete book I. Book II is done. I'm a little backward.

In any case, I did want to post pictures on Facebook along the interstate 5. We're considering Pacific Coast Highway for the first part of the journey but it would probably take oodles of time, so I5 it is.

Here are the pictures of the last visit to the woods of WA.

Debby A.


Sharon Lynne said...

Oh, so this is what you were up to when I was down in your stomping grounds looking for you! Good thing I didn't call you at 7:00.

Hope you're having a good trip, and keeping car-sickness at bay as you write in the back seat!

The Gatekeeper said...

Yeah, about that. I wound up doing most of the driving and when the kids drove I found it necessary to resurrect my back-seat driver career.