Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Unfinished Novels

I was reading a few entries on our Lost Genre Guild email loop and came across someone who had just downloaded (or is that uploaded?) her unfinished novel onto Kindle. First of all, I didn't know we could do that. Secondly, it reminded me of my unfinished manuscript, Pa'raGhon: The Watchers.

It has taken me over fifteen years to write this off-world-fantasy-sort-of-romance adventure because life threw me a curve ball. My husband left me, though I realize that it's not an unfamiliar story in our society, it knocked me down pretty good. My X did a lot of research for me about the Nephilim. He had great insight and wisdom for me and toward the end of our marriage he became my encourager. Go figure. And, he was, and still is an amazing artists. It would take him a few minutes to come up with an illustration for the book and it would be exactly what I envisioned.

Anyhow, I can't seem to find an end for my story and now, it seems, I have started writing the story before the story. What? Book one seems to make sense of book two. And book one has also given me book three. Maybe that's why I can't find an end to the middle. I know, I'm not making sense.

But here's a very interesting observation. I made a lot of plans with the man I married and all of those plans are gone. Did I forget to make God a part of those plans? Perhaps that is why the book has been so hard to finish. It was ours, not mine and I need to give it to the Lord.

So my goal (Lord willing) is to finish book one, re-write book two, and wait to see if there is a book three. It's never too late to try again.

Debby A.


Zerilius said...

just's one whole story making its way into the world through your gifted mind.

The Gatekeeper said...

thanks Zerillius. I plan to do just that.