Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn's Art

Recently at our women's worship night we had a chance to create a piece of art together. Nobody really got the idea of what we were asking, but they tried. Some of the women felt uncomfortable getting up, walking in front of everybody (though we did have a few canvasses toward the back) to draw, paint or write on an empty canvas. 

But here was the point--God is our master painter. We are his empty canvas. We wanted women, even if they thought they could only draw stick people, to go ahead and start filling in the canvas. It's like when we take our lives into our own hands and try to make something out of it that the Lord did not necessarily intend for us. We try to paint our own path. God's okay with that (up to a point), he'll still pick up his brushes and make a masterpiece of what we've created. Does that make sense?

Take a look around. Just a quick glimpse of His creation and you'll see The Master's paintings.

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