Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Choosing Ringtones For My Cell Phone

So how did you decide on which ringtone to use on your cell? Did you get creative, download your favorite song, or did you use the tones that came with your phone. Okay, the latter is a little boring. And have you assigned a different song for your loved ones? You know, every time the son calls snoop doggstarts rapping.

No Snoop Dog for me though. Personally I would like to hear Kutless scream melodically when my daughter calls. The song Guiding Me Home would be good. Of course, I might tear up a little whenever she calls since Kutless was the last concert she and I went to together at UC Riverside. Good times. Her music likes and dislikes have changed a little or I'm too old to go to concerts with her. Either way, it's a good song.

For my son I would pick the song Say Goodbye by Skillet. And yeah, you guessed it. Skillet was the last concert I went to with my son. It was a really cold night in Washington. The concert was outdoors and, Hello, it's Washington, so obviously, it was raining. Still, good memories for both of us?

Those are my choices. How 'bout you? How do you recognize your incoming calls?


Brandon said...

I'm a dinosaur...I use the rings that come with my phone...and my phone is a dinosaur too. I'm not sure what it's called :)

What kind of writing do you do?

The Gatekeeper said...

Hi Brandon. Oh, you've got to try those smart phones. I never thought I would have one, but I'm super glad I bought one.

I write Fantasy mostly. But till I become a hugely successful author (cough, cough) I do a lot of article writing. How 'bout you.

Brandon said...

I love fantasy fiction, as well as science fiction. C.S. Lewis, Orson Scott Card, Tolkien, etc.
I actually have my hand in all sorts of genres. Sci-fi, fantasy, suspense, mainstream/contemporary, adventure. On the fantasy front, I have a short story coming out in an anthology in September.

Maybe, one day, I will surrender to a smart phone (I still have only sent one text message in my whole life...)

What kind of fantasy do you like best? Favorite authors?