Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blogging For A Living: 18 Blogs and Counting

Eighteen blogs? What was I thinking? Seems to me it's all I do these days--blog! But I love it, I truly do. Recently, I've introduced and helped a couple of authors (because every author should have a blog) establish their blog and realized I love that part also. You know the teaching part. I'm good.

So here's an update on some of my blogs. Yeah, I update them all . . . well, maybe fourteen of them.

Pentecostal Journals of William de Quilettes: latest post is about sheep and shepherds.

Making Money Online: it's my business blog. I blog to eat . . . I'm in survival mode here. Latest post: A New Publishing Firm.

The Gate Webzine: New poetry and The Devil Wears Prada.

SPG Writers: new poetry, Leaves by Irene Faubion (who is with Jesus now).

Extreme Cooking With Online Friends: New recipe, Chicken Salsa???

The Video Project: cool video, How To Make Chocolate Lava Cake.

Well, more updates later or tomorrow. I love my job, even got to deposit a check today and possibly made a believer out of my son. Who knows? At least he was impressed when I gave him an extra 20 to pay off an overdue library book. What! $15. 

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