Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Palm Pre Smart Phone and Twitter Pics

Red, red #rose so dark and lovely, in the morning mist. My ga... on Twitpic

Lady Gatekeeper is having way too much fun with her Palm Pre cell phone. She actually did write a quick review on Associated Content, but wishes to take some of it back. In the beginning her Palm Pre wasn't working so well. Of course, she might not have known exactly how this little piece of technology worked. It took a few days for her slick Palm to function properly (after a couple of re-boots) but all is well now and more knowledge is acquired each day.

For instance, she found an app for Twitter that would allow her to take a snapshot on her smart phone, and upload it to Twitter. Viola, a Twitter pic. Then, gasp, she was able to place her Twitter pic on this here post. Outstanding. Just wait till graduation night when all the ceremonies will be held at the Ramona Bowl. Let's see how many smart phones will be flashing away.

So the next step is to start taking videos on the Palm Pre. Perhaps the animals on the farm a block away will do the honors of starring in them; zebras, buffalo, gazelles, horses, donkeys, sheep and goat. Oh my! She'll add a few songs as well. Apple seems to have forgiven the Palm Pre people and allow Itunes to connect and play. Or perhaps they've created another patch, who knows.

In any case, Twitter pics from her Palm Pre. Pretty impressive, right?

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