Monday, May 24, 2010

The Gate: Our Webzine

Lady G. is kicking back in Palm Desert. She's sipping from a tall glass of ginger ale green tea while sitting in front of the pool. Lunch and fellowship with good friends was served on the breezy patio (breeze provided by overhead fan). . . also in front of the pool. Perfect weather. Quite amazing. A wonderful day, indeed.

However, we are also working a little: fixing computers, creating files for Marilyn's manuscripts and of course setting up new blogs--one for our online magazine and hopefully we'll create one for Marilyn by the time the sun sets on the morrow.

The Gate Webzine has lost its domain so we decided to go the blogging route instead. So much more fun to be had this way and is more interactive with our readers. Apparently, we have a few.

We also have done a lot of work on our extreme Cooking Blog. Recipes gathered from our online friends. You know, fellow humans from FaceBook, Twitter and other bloggers. This will be a sort of blog to book thing. Lots of fun just putting it together. Take a look if you like at Cooking With Online Friends. Opinions are gratefully accepted.

Well, the sun has set, the soft rush of the waterfall outside my door says sleep is inevitable. But alas, the Gatekeeper needs to get her parking pass which she forgot to get as she snuck into the resort the back way. We'll just hitch a ride on one of those golf carts driving by.

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