Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orange County Christian Writers Conference

Of course, just when I need to print book proposals, queries, a few chapters of my manuscript (here's a free chapter btw), my printer runs out of ink. And what does one wear to a writers conference anyhow? I usually like my comfy clothes but perhaps I should look a little more business-like this time. Mmmm, I'll think about it.

Looking forward to the Orange Country Christian Writers Conference. I've been once before. Went there all on my own which was a brave thing for me. I have a hard time grocery shopping by myself . . . working on it!

In any case, we get a 15-minute consultation with an author/editor/speaker so I'm trying to choose well. I should probably stick with the Marcher Lord guy (Jeff Gerke) since I write "strange" stuff. Although . . . John Fox sounds terribly interesting. And he's a blogger. I might be one of the lucky ten who receives an extra consult. More about that after the conference.

Well, hope I get there on time as it seems I'm volunteering to help out with book tables. I hope they know who they're dealing with. My math skills . . . not so good.

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