Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romania: Violeta's Story

Violeta was nine years old when she was brought to an orphanage in Romania (orphanages before the 1989 revolution which freed the Romanians, were all institutions of Communist tyranny). She describes it at best as nothing but a nightmare. It was supposed to be a safe place, a warm place but it was anything but.

The caregivers beat the children. They had no reason to and to this day Violeta still has no understanding as to why. There was little food or no food at all. The children were given cold showers and slept on the floor without blankets. If a child dared to complain, punishment came swiftly. Violeta had many illnesses while living in the orphanage and today still has a hard time walking as she suffers from a hernia near the spine.

When she turned 18 Violeta had to leave the orphanage. She had no money, no shelter and, of course, no family. She found a job cleaning houses but she still found herself sleeping out on the cold streets of Romania. Violeta found a small hidden garden—a place away from danger. There she slept each night after she left work. Every night she cried. She longed for the love of her parents. Nothing made sense to her. Everything around her seemed empty and ugly.

But one day she was asked to clean a beautiful home. It was obvious that the owners were very wealthy. As she was cleaning she found a card. The picture on the card drew her. She asked her boss, “Who is that man? His face is so gentle.”

He answered. “That is Jesus.”

Violeta remembered when her grandmother used to tell her about this man, Jesus. The next day the man she worked for gave her a Bible. She started to read it every day. Somebody did love her and furthermore, this someone – Jesus – sacrificed everything for her. He died for her. Life suddenly made sense. He exchanged her past with a beautiful life.

Violeta’s life changed when she let Jesus weave His plan into her life. She met a wonderful man who she later married. Many blessings came into her life including her daughter, Beattrice and son, Alin.

These days Violeta works with her good friend, Sjikke. They are like sisters and together they work to bring a little bit of joy to the poor children of Romania.


Sjikke and Violeta work with about 35 poor childern (some are orphans)
and their families in Romania.
The children range from 1 year old to 14 years old. 

The foundation that Sjikke is working for is in Holland so their site is in Dutch. I'll check but I didn't see a site translator. I can translate for you if you like, just let me know which part. Click here to go to their website.


Bernie said...

Oh Violeta's story is heartbreaking and I am so pleased she found love and happiness eventully.....God seems to be working through her to help others and you my friend are wonderful for sharing her story...:-) Hugs

Violeta said...

you are one great woman !
Yes my friend LORD givit to me one
heart full of love and compassion for this childrens and i will do all my best!
You have no idea what treasure of woman we have here on the blog !
Just keep read much about Debby and you will see!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My dear friends,

in one of this days I have received this adress from Violeta.Of course it's necessary for me to give reaction. I'm so glad that Violeta receives some support from you. It's so important that you know that you're not alone in all the misery. We have a very good contact together and together we know we can go further to help the people from Romenia in the strongmess of our Lord and in the believing of the message Jesus gives us; Love your neighbor as yourself. If one of you have questions or what ever you wants to know from me, please let me know! With much loves, Sjikke

Kelly said...

Oh my God what a story, a wonderful woman !!
I trust that God has chosen Violeta to be among for these children!
Of all the e-mails that I received from her , I can tell you I found in her one friend with one pure soul,in the world we live today is hard to find such people.
I have plans to send milk powder to Romania this summer and medicens , that's all I can do and know that Violeta will enjoy very much.
Violeta was right when he proposed to visit you blog, she said I will find a wonderful writer with a big heart, so is!

-:)Hugs !!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story of the love of God!! I find myself smiling at the outcome of the Violeta's story, but am not able to shake the sadness she faced in childhood. I will do what I can to help, I'm still thinking, but I want to make it happen...

Thanks for the encouragement and testament of our amazing Savior.

May God bless your efforts!

Kelly said...

Hi Debby,
I spoke with Violeta and I know yesterday was very hard to endure the painful words.
I stopped here today because I have a message for Ms, Sandra.
if you have doubts not help but dont hurt people !!
This girl does not need money for her if she would be rich i`m sure that she will be for the poor children ,too.

For Violeta this is she`s wealth is helping poor children!

This summer I want to become member in the Violeta`s foundation, to help so she wil not be alone !
Debby I read the archives you are blessed with a gift from above and you have a big heart.
I sent the link to friends here in England!
Violeta said to vote for Layne,but i have more time?
-:) Hugs!!

Tricia Jeffery said...

Hi Debby ,
Nice to met and read about you you here .
My friend Kelly sent me this link, do not get used to read blogs but I heard the story and want to say my brother's wife is from Romania. Coincidence or not, unfortunately increased as Violeta in an orphanage where he was hard , they beat them very much , they were hungry, (there was an orphanage and girls and boys).
Debby ,i need Violeta`s adress e-mail of something, i heard that she have the same problems( i have problemms with my spine ) as me also and would like to send medicines and what she needs. Tomorrow i will look after answer .
By the way Debby, you blog is amazing ,

Deborah Ann said...

What a sad story! I wish I could just go there and hug all those beautiful children!

The Gatekeeper said...

Thanks everyone. Your comments mean a lot to me, as well as to Violeta, I'm sure. Tricia, let me talk to Violeta before I publish her email. I'll get back to you. You can look her up on Facebook and her email might be posted there.