Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas In My Living Room

Ah, took the shot but forgot to light the fire in the fireplace. It is on now, however. So we'll be sipping our cups of hot chocolate lathered by melting marshmallows and dollops of whipped cream, and treating ourselves to chocolate cake . . . the sort one makes in a mug and baked in microwaves.

Here's the yummy recipe for 5 minute Chocolate Mug Cake
(I put it in the microwave for only 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Kahlua is a nice addition also.)

This recipe is included in our second cook book, "Cooking With Online Friends." It's part of Robert's 21 List. Robert is a young man who suffers from Epilepsy and created a list of 21 things he wanted to accomplish before his 21st birthday. Baking 21 deserts was number 8 on his list. It's quite an amazing story.

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Violeta said...

My sweet friend,

you can look at archive at november last month and you will find the post Humbled and convicted . I realy dont know to make one link .
i love my cofee and readind on you blog !
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