Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baseball Playoffs

Wow, psycho great week for Los Angeles teams. Both the Angels (technically from Anaheim) and the Dodgers have won the first two out of five games in their opening series. Update: The Dodgers just swept the Cardinals. Too bad my Aunt from Holland isn't here yet. She loves those Red Birds. I guess the MLB playoffs is seen around the world.

Anyhow I'm just chilling watching all the games . . . yep, all the games. Colorado is up to their eyeballs in snow, so the Dodgers will have to wait and see who they're going to play. I don't think the weather in Colorado is going to cooperate much.

I thought it was absolutely funny how the Cardinals pitcher in the second game (Adam Wainwright?) blamed the dropped ball in the ninth, by Halliday, on the white towels Dodgers fans were waving. I know it's hard to lose . . . been there. Always imitate the behavior of winners when you lose. Who said that?


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