Thursday, April 09, 2009

Death Of An Angel: Nick Adenhart

My Princess was very excited to finally attend a Los Angeles Angels' baseball game on Wednesday. She doesn't live far from Anaheim Stadium but last season she had to work everytime the Angels had home games.

She got to see Nick Adenhart pitch and was sad, as we all are, to hear of his death. One report stated that the hit and run driver of the vehicle at fault was driving with a suspended license. How hard is it to get these offenders off the road?

I was also touched to read what his minor league coach said to the press: Nick Adenhart's death was tragic not only because he was a good player but that he was an awesome guy. (The LA Angels, MLB, have postponed the game tonight against the Oakland A's.)

Again it makes us see how fragile life is. I thank the Lord for all my blessings. The Los Angeles Angels was Nick Adenhart's second family, I pray his "first" family we be comforted.

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